Dr. Perlis has published, as an author or co-author on 3 books and more than 150 articles and chapters on sleep research related topics.
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Nocturnal Wakefulness as a Previously Unrecognized Risk Factor for Suicide (2016)

Suicide and sleep: Is it a bad thing to be awake when reason sleeps? (2016)

Placebo effects in primary insomnia (2005)

Comparative Meta-Analysis of Pharmacotherapy and Behavior Therapy for Persistent Insomnia (2002)

Which Depressive Symptoms Are Related to Which Sleep Electroencephalographic Variables? (1997)

Durability of treatment response to zolpidem with three different maintenance regimens: a preliminary study (2016)

Intermittent and Long-Term use of Sedative Hypnotics (2008) 

The Effects of Modafinil and Cognitive Behavior Therapy on Sleep Continuity in Patients with Primary Insomnia (2004)

Self-reported sleep disturbance as a prodromal symptom in recurrent depression (1997)

Mood Regulation, Dreaming, and Nightmares: Evaluation of a Desensitization Function for REM Sleep (1993)

Michael Perlis PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry 

Associate Professor of Nursing

Director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program, University of Pennsylvania


Phone: 215-746-3577 

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