Interviewed re: Behavioral Sleep Medicine American Psychological Association's Newsletter: The APA Monitor October Edition. Also served as a consultant for the whole edition.

October, 2001


National Geographic


APA monitor review of our AJP article (Comparative Meta-analysis)

March, 2002


Dr. Perlis has been interviewed by the publications below as an expert on various topics about and/or relating to sleep, including but is not limited to:

  • The relationship between sleep & depression

  • Emerging behavioral and pharmacological treatments for insomnia and other sleep disorders

  • The etiology of insomnia

  • The Prevalence of acute insomnia and why for some people, acute turns into chronic

  • The increased likelihood of completed suicide in people who are awake late at night

  • The relationship between sleep problems and mental/physical health

  • Habits, both good and bad, relating to sleep 

  • Sleep problems in people with chronic pain

Michael Perlis PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry 

Associate Professor of Nursing

Director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program, University of Pennsylvania

Email: mperlis@upenn.edu

Phone: 215-746-3577 

Penn website: www.med.upenn.edu/bsm/

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